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Team: Suradj Hiralal

Startup Business Coach

Suradj Hiralal works in the Business Development Food Team of the regional development Agency OostNL. Suradj is a graduate from the BSc Management and Consumer Studies at Wageningen University & Research, a program that focuses on the managerial, economic and social aspects of the production and consumption of food and other agricultural products within households and businesses in a sustainable and dynamic environment. During his studies, Suradj was also active as board member of the student incubator StartHub Wageningen.

Suradj’s responsibilities at OostNL include, but are not limited to:

  • Managing StartLife’s pre-seed fund Startup Fund Gelderland
  • Development innovative business cases in the Agri/Food domain
  • Advising businesses on their investor and market readiness
  • Participating in developing the regional startup/innovation ecosystem
  • Advising on applicable regional, national and European subside schemes

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