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If you are exploring opportunities to drive your corporate innovation by connecting with talented Agritech and/or Foodtech startups, then you have found the right place! StartLife, Europe’s top Agrifoodtech Accelerator, builds bridges between early-stage startups and the world’s leading agrifood companies to help accelerate cutting-edge technologies shaping a sustainable food system and providing a competitive edge for the involved parties.

Unlocking Rapid and Agile Agrifood Innovation

The need for a transition to sustainable food systems is omnipresent. An increasing number of companies is looking for truly new ways of producing our food that is smarter, more efficient and more sustainable. If you are reading this, you are most likely aware that collaborating with startups opens a gateway to rapid and agile innovation.

Startups take unconventional approaches to major issues of today, are able to move fast, pivot easily and often able to attract the best innovation-driven talents. Startups also embrace failure as they take on risks as a matter of course, which allows corporates to leave internal risks and failures at bay. For these reasons, large companies are increasingly engaging with high potential startups for fresh ideas and new solutions, to bring new thinking in their organization and to challenge the status quo.

“From precision fermentation to plant microbiome, from AI for sensing to the future of cheese and revolution for cellular agriculture. Today, I visited ‘Foodtech Disneyland’. Great job StartLife!”
~ Alexandre Bastos, Head of Front End Innovation at Givaudan.

By collaborating with rising talent, you accelerate your corporate innovation cycles, boosting both productivity and performance, and stay ahead in leading the agrifood industry into a new era.

StartLife’s Open Innovation Community

Corporates and Investors meeting at StartLife

As partner of StartLife, you will also leverage the interaction with like-minded leading companies in the agrifood industry. We regularly organize meet ups with StartLife’s corporate and investor partners to exchange innovation and collaboration practices and share new perspectives. These meetings also act as a perfect assembly to discuss shared challenges and explore joined business and innovation opportunities.

“StartLife is a perfect bridge for connecting with startups and other corporates that are open to collaborative innovation.” 
~ Alex Marie Schuermans, PDG General Manager of Citrosuco.

Our partners also benefit from our close ties with Wageningen University & Research (WUR). We organize themed mini-seminars with WUR researchers and specialists and offer the opportunity for fully dedicated deep-dive sessions on topics of your choice together with selected WUR staff and startups.

How You Can Add Value To Startups

At StartLife, we strongly believe that collaboration is mutually beneficial and key to innovate faster and accelerate the transition to sustainable food systems. What startups need and corporates have, is access to specific resources and the opportunity to scale (fast). Though needs may be specific for each startup, valuable resources a corporate can offer include – but is not limited to:

  • Feedback and advice
  • In-depth market and customer insights
  • Access to laboratory/equipment
  • R&D Support
  • Pilots and/or Field Trials
  • Global network of experts and distribution partners
  • Reach & Branding
  • Corporate venture capital

Our Corporate Partners

Join and engage with our community of corporate partners!

StartLife Corporate Partners - August 2022


Your Benefits in a Nutshell

As corporate partner of StartLife, you will….

  1. Discover the latest knowledge & trends in Food & Agriculture
  2. Prosper from qualified introductions to startups with emerging solutions that fit your needs
  3. Gain access to a pool of talents, including entrepreneurs worldwide as well as researchers and students of Wageningen University & Research
  4. Enhance your business by interacting with a community of game changers
  5. Strengthen your position as innovation leader that shapes the future of food

Did you know StartLife is also co-founder and lead organizing partner of the annual F&A Next summit, one of the leading agrifoodtech events for startups, scale-ups, corporates and investors in Europe!

Join StartLife’s Global AgriFoodTech Partnership Network!

If you are wholeheartedly committed to collaborative innovation and want to gain a competitive edge in the agrifoodtech innovation arena, then contact us today to learn more how we can aid in speeding up your road to success!

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