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For many founders ‘marketing or sales’ is written at the bottom of their to-do. Sadly this causes problems later on. We believe in marketing as a tool to validate your business model. By smart A/B testing you can find the marketing channels that work for your business and get you the early customers that you need.

Double Agency is specialized in marketing for early-stage startups and scale-ups. As preferred marketing partner of StartLife, we’ve helped a wide range of different startups with concrete advice and execution.

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Marketing done differently

For most of the founders, marketing sounds like *the fluffy part* of a business. And we agree. This is where growth differs from marketing. We focus on *scalable* user acquisition and retention, rather than cool sounding slogans and nicely designed flyers. Of course you need to engage your audience, but while producing measuring results.

Take one of our StartLife clients: Sigrow. Sigrow is one of the promising StartLife startups that already had a strong business case and solid traction. They already invested in marketing and experimented with some outbound sales. So how did we help them and how did we insert growth into their business case?

Scalable sales

Instead of hiring an expensive sales rep, we’ve used their own resources to build a process to find, reach out and nurture potential leads. By doing so, we didn’t only take massive amounts of work out of the founder’s hands, we trained the employees, created templates, scripts, etc. and made it into a reusable process that can easily by scaled into a full-blown sales department.

Measurable inbound channels

Doing PR, influencer or content marketing can be helpful, but it’s key to always calculate the time and money vs. results you get out of it. This what we did for Sigrow. By using trackable links, landing pages and sprint-based testing, we set up multiple inbound channels. Now with this data, it’s easily visible which channels perform best.

Common sense conversion

Most customers are not buying a product on the spot, they need some time, value or persuasion before they pull the trigger. For Sigrow, we built a new website and improved their story. Thorough competitor analysis enabled us to define and express their USPs in a persuasive way, resulting in a 400% increase in conversion rate.

These new growth numbers that Sigrow achieved are great, but we our work is more about the long-term impact on the business. The marketing systems we set up are designed to be scalable. We build assets, that still work after we left.

Working with Double Agency

We don’t do fancy slides and expensive words. We work in weekly sprints billed per month (discounted for StartLife startups). Working with a startups is an investment for us too: We aim for a structural, long-term partnership, rather than being a hired gun.

As WUR alumni ourselves, we are mostly focused on sustainable ‘good for the world’ businesses and love a technical challenge. But most of all we are a group of marketing nerds that work systematically to achieve the goals your business needs.

If you’re interested in a chat, we’re always happy to think along, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.