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FlexIEbel specializes in commercial and corporate contracting, IT and IP contracting. With our personal and pragmatic approach, we act as trusted legal advisors to many startup and scale-up companies.

As program partner of StartLife, FlexIEbel advises the startups enrolled in the StartLife Accelerate program on several legal topics both by means of plenary as one-to-one sessions. This investment has led to several long-term relationships with clients after they graduated the StartLife curriculum.



At FlexIEbel we believe that by treating good contracts as an investment instead of a cost, legal issues of tomorrow can be prevented by making clear legal arrangements with co-founders, investors, suppliers and customers today. In addition, the investment in good contracts will only be fraction of the cost of litigating on unclear, incomplete or void ones. Not to mention the negative energy litigation causes.

Drafting contracts is a profession. It for instance requires specific skill to, on the one hand, include provisions for the client’s benefit and, on the other hand, leave out provisions that will apply anyway by law.

In our view the characteristics of a good contracts are clear wording of the arrangements made and safeguarding the client’s interest. However, it is also a key element to ensure consistency and cohesion between earlier arrangements, not only among the parties but also with third parties. Finally, the focus on the intended commercial relationship between the parties should not be lost when drafting or negotiating contracts.

With our special StartLife hourly rates, FlexIEbel is looking forward to advising the StartLife startups on possible legal structures and contracts, such as investment agreements, shareholders’ agreements, pilot and evaluation agreements, license agreements, collaboration agreement, supplier and customer contracts. If appreciated, FlexIEbel can offer genuine fixed prices for template agreements. This enables the client to better budget your legal “investment” and avoids wrangling over our invoices.

Getting in touch

If you are interested in getting in touch with FlexIEbel please call +31 (0)26 8001 210 or send an e-mail to thomaswildenbeest@flexiebel.nl. For (former) StartLife startups, an introduction meeting at our Arnhem offices or at one of the StartLife/StartHub facilities will always be free of charge.

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