Invest-NL and StartLife Spur Growth Of Impact-driven Agrifoodtech Startups

Creative image of partnership between Invest-NL and StartLife

Dutch impact investor Invest-NL and StartLife announced today a strategic partnership that will facilitate the development and high growth of startups and scale-ups that focus on the transition towards a sustainable, climate-neutral food system. Together we will co-develop new initiatives that will support and enhance a flourishing entrepreneurial climate for impact-driven entrepreneurs.  

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the agrifood chain currently consumes 30% of the world’s available energy. Alternative proteins, precision farming and circular food technologies offer huge opportunities to improve energy efficiency in the food chain. But getting these technologies ready for large scale commercial application is not an easy feat, making them unattractive for most investors. As a result, emerging technologies loose traction early on and few solutions reach their full potential. The partnership between Invest-NL and StartLife aims to help overcome this hurdle.

Fast lane to transformation

Photo: Bram van Beek & Jan Meiling of StartLife, Liz Duijves & Michiel Strijland of Invest-NL

Invest-NL was established by the Dutch Government in 2020 to enhance the possibilities to finance societal transitions. In its investment strategy supporting startups and scale-ups who contribute to the sustainability and energy transition are at the center piece, especially those that are deemed too risky by other investors.

”We increase the willingness of other investors to invest by for instance removing critical obstacles to scaling up and growth”, explains Liz Duijves, Investment Associate at Invest-NL.

"Our partnership will make the transformation of our food system better financeable", ~ Liz Duijves, Invest-NL

“Our partnership with StartLife allows us to build on its 12 years of experience in the startup scene and its large, global community of startups, corporates and investors in the food and agriculture sector,” said Duijves.

“StartLife is in close contact with many early-stage agrifoodtech startups, know what obstacles hinder the implementation of new technologies and have good insights on what’s needed to overcome these hurdles. We believe that this partnership will provide a fast lane to make the transformation of our food system better financeable.”

Opening up new opportunities

Jan Meiling, Managing Director of StartLife: “Together we will facilitate growth and open up opportunities by creating meaningful projects and supporting a flourishing agrifood ecosystem. We have already committed to enhance existing initiatives, like the international F&A Next summit and the Fast Lane program for food & ag pioneers, and will jointly represent the Dutch agrifood ecosystem abroad.”

Jan adds: “We are also working towards a new and unique venture building program that is set to launch in 2023, designed to build ventures from scratch.”

Startups and scale-ups with specific needs for scaling their sustainable (agrifood) technologies are invited to contact StartLife.

About Invest-NL

Invest-NL is a Dutch impact investor committed to financing companies and projects that make the Netherlands more sustainable and innovative. Its strategic focus lies on speeding up the transition towards a carbon neutral and circular economy. Invest-NL always cooperates with other investors and us the Dutch partner for European institutions such as the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Investment Fund (EIF).

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