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Startup: VitalFluid

VitalFluid develops and produces Plasma-Activated Water systems for agricultural and medical applications.

Plasma-Activated Water (PAW) is everyday water that was treated with plasma. PAW has powerful properties and can be deployed for a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from agricultural to medical contexts. VitalFluid supports the development of PAW by opening up its research reactors to universities, research groups, agricultural companies, and medical institutions.

VitalFluid was founded as a result of a collaborative project between the Eindhoven University of Technology, Wageningen University and Research, Radboudumc, FloraHolland, and Alewijnse.

Paul Leenders, CEO and Founder at VitalFluid

VitalFluid supplies a green and sustainable technology for the replacement of chemical plant protection products and disinfection methods.



  • Paul Leenders
  • Polo van Ooij
  • Guus Pemen