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Startup: Pectcof

Pectcof has patented a preservation and extraction technology to transform and separate coffee pulp biomass into valuable bio compounds.

The preservation technology converts wet coffee pulp, coming from the wet mill, into preserved and dried coffee pulp that can be used as raw material. The extraction technology consists of novel filtration and purification techniques to separate the ingredients from the cellulose matrix.

 The first product that Pectcof aims to put in the market is in the liquid stream of the process and constitutes up to 20% of the initial raw material. This product is called Dutch Gum, as it can be compared in functionality in processed foods to Arabic Gum. The product has been bench-marked against Arabic Gum in a model solution and showed to be substantially more effective in making and stabilizing emulsions. This means that companies like Coca Cola could save money by implementing this ingredient in their products as the quantity of this ingredient in the total mix could go down. An important additional asset of the process is that the side stream of the extraction, constituting about 80% of the initial biomass, is detoxified and is available for further processing.





Hans Verhoef
Chief Executive Officer

Rudi Dieleman
Director and co-founder

Femke Vertregt
Research and Development