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Startup: No Fairytales

No Fairytales is a startup which fights overweight and obesity by offering more tasteful versions of frequently consumed foods (enriched with vegetables) to the general public.

The startup company has developed three product lines. One Product line consists of fermented vegetables. The team working on these products are: Christian Weij, the fermentation specialist and writer of the book “Verrot lekker” who ensures the taste of the product; Kramer’s zuurkool the largest Sauerkraut producer in The Netherlands who ensures reliable production and Professoor Eddy Smid of Wageningen University who investigates the various bacteria species in the various products.no fairytales tortilla startup startlife bernadette kooijman

The second and third product line consists of frequently consumed food enriched with vegetables.


Bernadette Kooijman, founder of No Fairytales

We are driven by the goal to increase the vegetable intake of the Dutch population from 20% to 30% in 2017.


  • Bernadette Kooijman