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Startup: Verdi Food (Verdify)

Verdi Food enables users to receive weekly online meal plans and home-delivered cooking kits that exactly fit their personal needs and preferences, through the VERDIFY platform

Verdi Food is a Dutch company that translates nutrition science into tasty personalized recipes. The company operates from the vision that everybody should be able to enjoy the food that is supportive for personal health and performance. Verdi Food has created an evidence base around nutrition and health and constructed a unique method to tailor recipes to personal profiles. Verdi Food collaborates with chefs, medical experts, research institutes and dietitians to make it all happen.

At the heart of the VERDIFY platform is an engine that is designed to match the dietary profile of individuals or complete households with recipes for nutritious meals – taking account of food allergies, health goals, and preferences. The platform allows users to select recipes and products of their liking and in some regions to directly order on a subscription basis. At the backend there will be a large and constantly growing database with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – with detailed nutritional information. As such, Verdi Food will be able to offer truly-personalized food to a vast user base – to people with medical conditions or risk profiles as well as to those who are currently healthy.

Team Verdi Food

Ultimately we aspire that VERDIFY lets customers throughout Europe benefit from the latest scientific advances on their plate – every day

Verdi Food (Verdify)


From left to right:

CSO: Sandrin Bergheanu MD, Phd

Nutrition director: Bernadette Dijkhuizen-Keogh BA

CEO: Jochem Bossenbroek MSc., MBA


Verdi Food BV