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Mentor: Sebastiaan Bierma

StartLife Mentor

Through his background in marketing, Sebastiaan Bierma MBA is a commercial guy with a strategic, long-term vision. He has been successful by building relationships both on the production side as well as in distribution.

At the start of his international career, Sebastiaan worked with multinational organisations in food as well as luxury/lifestyle products in various countries. After completing his MBA, he moved to work in different commercial roles for startups and scale-up organisations. There he learned that commercial success depends on the strength of the partnerships you create around you.

As one of the founders of Unica Global, the parent company of Jovie Organic Goatmilk Formulas, he developed a specialty food product, while building a brand from scratch and rolling out an international sales network. His most recent professional move is in the field of animal healthcare. A completely different field altogether, although strategic partnerships will again be the key to success.

Sebastiaan Grew up in Belgium, studied in The Netherlands (MSc International Business, Maastricht University) and in Spain (Executive MBA, IE Business School) and worked and lived in Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Mexico and Spain.

Skills and field of expertise

    • Strategic Partnerships
    • Brand Strategy
    • International growth
    • B2C Sales
    • B2B Sales

Offer and interest (startups)


I’m more than happy to share my experience in marketing and sales, and above all, relationship building. You can draw on my experience in working with multinationals, large accounts as well as startups and scale-ups in various countries around the world. On your path to success, you will inevitably have to make countless decisions. Often, with only partial knowledge on the topic in question. I am keen to guide you in this process and help avoid pitfalls.


I’m interested in consumer (food) products, in particular niche products with unique product characteristics that can make a difference in the lives of the consumer.

Favorite quote

“If you want to grow your revenue fast, you must be ready to share it with others first.”




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