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StartLife Alumni Updates – October 2020

Brief updates from StartLife Alumni and Community members.

Major Breakthrough For Malaria-fighter In2care

A malaria-free world? The chances of pulling off this immense mission have taken a great leap forward. The Wageningen-based company InCare Trading company has developed and tested a solution that reduces the chances of malaria infections with an unprecedented result of more than 40% on top of new bednets! With the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation In2Care ran a 5 year long trial project in the Ivory Coast.

“The UN World Health Organization (WHO) is full of praise for our solution”, says Marius de Waard, CEO of In2care, proudly. “To obtain a much desired formal prequalification by the WHO we now need to conduct a second study that supports our first findings. For this repeat study we need $3 million, for which we hope to find funding soon.”

The 3D animation above shows how In2Care EaveTubes lure, block and kill resistant malaria mosquitoes and prevent disease transmission.

Read more about the Ivory Coast Trial by In2Care

CE-Line Wins GreenTech Innovation Concept Award 2020

On 20 October, during the opening of GreenTech Live & Online, the top quality international exhibition for horticulture technologies, CE-Line was named the winner in the Concept category of the GreenTech Innovation Awards. CE-Line develops measuring systems for the water quality of greenhouse horticulture. The innovation award is for the CELINE technology, which adjusts the nutrient solution as desired or to the plant needs.

The jury sees the technology as “a good idea that has not yet been resolved and is a big step forward in very accurate fertilization.”

Corvus Drones Obtains €150k From Rabobank Innovation Fund

Corvus Drones

Corvus Drones is specialized in smart crop monitoring and scouting by a fully automated drone. By partnering with Artificial Intelligence companies’ the company provides solutions for seed germination, crop development, plant stress and disease & pest detection. The loan, which is an initiative of the Innovation Fund Rabobank, provides Dutch early-stage entrepreneurs with a good innovative idea that contributes to the digitization, sustainability and/or vitalization of society, and the opportunity to further develop their plans.

Sigrow Wins Dutch Innovation Prize 2020

Last week Sigrow has won the Topsector T&U* Innovation Prize 2020 (*Dutch Horticulture and Starting Materials Top Sector). Jury chairman Harrij Schmeitz: “Sigrow’s solution measures the status of the plant using a thermal camera. This innovation is the missing link for the Unmanned Growing Concept. This makes it possible to directly control the climate etc. based on “plant value” instead of just “grower input”. Team Sigrow has the potential to make this development a success and to grow into the Fitbit of Horticulture. ” Sigrow wins, among others , a knowledge voucher worth €25,000.

Sponsh Elected As Europe’s Best Social Entrepreneurs 2020

Sponsh won the first prize of the Social Innovation Tournament’s (SIT) ninth edition in the Special Category,  which is dedicated to projects that focus on environment and have a strong focus on biodiversity and ecosystem conservation. In addition to the title ‘Europe’s Best Social Entrepreneurs 2020’, the company won €50k prize money.

Sponsh, developed a temperature-sensitive smart material that produces water from air, using the natural cycles of day and night. Launched in 2018, their first products are water-producing tree guards for reforestation projects, to help young trees survive their first harsh summers. After 10 years, Sponsh will have planted 80 million trees, turned 174 000 ha of degraded land into forests and absorbed 68 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Vegger Recognized As Exemplarily Green Deal Sustainable Health Care Initiative

Vertical Farming meets Health Care! Wageningen-based Vegger, a StartHub Wageningen resident, is officially recognized by the RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment as an example of Green Deal Sustainable Health Care.

Vegger makes healthcare facilities ‘green’ by means of high-tech indoor vegetable gardens with edible plants. For more than eighteen months, Vegger has been supplying the healthcare facilities of the Innoforte Foundation with fresh vegetables and herbs. Vegger’s mission, in addition to promoting healthy and local food, is to create a healing environment to promote the well-being of residents in a positive way.

Learn more about Vegger on the RIVM website (in Dutch)

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Sigrow goes to Web Summit 2018!

“Solving the climate crisis is within our grasp, but we need people to stand up and act” – Al Gore, Chairman, Generation Investment Management

 Sigrow is proud to announce that they have been chosen as one of the winners of the ‘Planet:Tech’ competition, sponsored by Accenture Strategy and Web Summit. As a winner, Sigrow is offered a 3-day exhibition stand at Web Summit 2018! Together with nineteen other impactful tech startup’s, Sigrow is flying to Lisbon to talk about sustainability and the future of our planet. Themes that are to be discussed are climate change, poverty and scarcity of (natural) resources. Together with the other participants, tech inspired solutions will be discussed and the agenda will be set for future action.

Sigrow, a young and dynamic company that aims at simplifying agriculture by means of Internet of Things technologies, has been selected to exhibit at Web Summit 2018. The company has been chosen as one of the winners of the ‘Planet:Tech competition’, sponsored by Accenture Strategy. Being part of a selected group of 20 impactful tech startups, Sigrow will exhibit during the 3-days of Web summit. In Lisbon, Sigrow will show its commitment for a more sustainable planet. Themes that are to be discussed are climate change, poverty and scarcity of (natural) resources. Together with the other participants, tech inspired solutions will be discussed and the agenda will be set for future action.

In 2010, Web Summit started as a simple yet relevant idea of connecting communities and industries through technology. Now, approximately seven years later, Web Summit has grown to become the “the largest technology conference in the world”. On 6, 7 and 8 November of this year, 60,000 people will meet in Lisbon to talk about the latest advances in technology. At this event, several CEO’s of the most influential enterprises on earth gather to talk about the importance of technology within their businesses. Being part of Web Summit, ‘Planet:Tech’ focuses on how technology can help with safeguarding the future of planet earth. This event connects, inspires and stimulates small- and big enterprises with the aim of realising future betterment for our earth.

About SigrowSigrowsensor

Sigrow is a young and dynamic company that aims at simplifying agriculture by means of Internet of Things technologies. Sigrow developed an unique solution that enables growers to measure and act upon the most fundamental climate and soil factors for growing plants. Their vision, “you can only control what you measure”, underlines the importance of data for the horticultural industry. By intelligently intervening with climate factors, the quality and quantity of agricultural yield can be maximised. Realising savings in terms of water, energy and labour are logical consequences of controlling the greenhouse environment. Sigrow has a growing customer base and operates both on a national and international level.

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